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Why would anyone do a vow renewal?
Vow renewals are wonderful events that not only honor the commitment between two people but also the lives they have made togetherand the community of friends and family that has grown up around those lives. Vow renewal can include stories about memorable moments in the couple’s lives, or about their children or their parents. I spend a considerable amount of time obtaining the necessary research for the event.

What about unity ceremony supplies, do you provide them?
No. There are supplies in numerous specialty stores and on the internet. Colored sand for unity sand ceremonies can also be purchased at craft stores.

What happens if you cannot make it to the ceremony?
I do my best to arrive early to every wedding ceremony. To date, I have never even been late or missed any ceremony. However, I realize that bad weather, injuries, car problems or other unavoidable occurrences might conceivably delay or prevent my arrival at the wedding ceremony. As much as I can, I will try to keep the couple advised of an impending problem (such as an approaching storm, or car accident). I will do whatever I can reasonably do to persevere in my efforts to get to the wedding ceremony. If it appears that I will be unable to get to the wedding ceremony, I will do my best to find a replacement officiant who can perform the ceremony at the same time and for the same fee as I was contracted with. If, ultimately I am unable to attend because of an unavoidable occurrence, then I will offer my services at any other time and place as is mutually agreeable. By executing my service contract with me, you agree that this is the full extent of any compensation that I owe to you.

If you are not available, do you have other officiants you recommend?
Yes, there are other officiants whom I can recommend, should I be unavailable.

What are travel and time fees, really?
I receive requests to officiate weddings all over Northern Illinois. I sometimes ask for a nominal fee to accommodate gas and related expenses.

Will you incorporate elements from another culture or religion?
Yes. I find the wedding customs and traditions of other cultures and religions fascinating, and would be happy to learn about, and incorporate, appropriate elements into your wedding ceremony. Please feel free to discuss this with me.

Do you attend the rehearsal dinner or reception?
No. While I am deeply honored to officiate your wedding ceremony, I believe that the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception is celebration of family and friends. I therefore do not attend either event.

What about wedding rehearsals?
There is no fee for rehearsing just prior to your ceremony. Wedding rehearsals on a different day are available for an additional fee. Many smaller weddings do not need a rehearsal on a separate day. Some couples prefer to do their own rehearsal. There is a rehearsal summary on my website. I arrive early for weddings and am available to review with the couple just before the ceremony of positions and motions. If the couple wishes to remain traditional and not see each other before the ceremony, then I meet with them separately. Full rehearsals can take an hour to complete, in part because it often is a reunion of sorts for many family and friends and a lot of time usually is spent chatting. I generally conduct all rehearsals, but if I am unable to do so, I send an assistant to conduct the rehearsal — and, of course, I would advise you if it does become necessary for an assistant to attend the rehearsal.

Where do you officiate Weddings?
I officiate weddings and marriage ceremonies indoors or outdoors. I have performed ceremonies in hotels, country clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, private homes, condos, parks, forest preserves, boats, green houses, chapels, universities and other wedding ceremony locations.

What do you wear?
I generally wear a conservative black or charcoal grey suit, with a similarly subdued tie. I dress to blend into the background of the wedding, so that the bride and groom are clearly the focal point of the event.

How long are your ceremonies?
They typically last up to 20 minutes, depending on the degree to which you customize your ceremony. My ceremonies include all the essential elements of a beautiful wedding eremony. In my experience, ceremonies that last much more than 20 minutes tend to lose focus. You want you guests to remember your ceremony for how beautiful and personalized it was, not for how long-winded it was.

Are we required to meet with you?
No. I do not require a meeting. I would be glad to meet with you and your fiancé to begin planning your big day, if this will make you feel more comfortable about your officiant choice or wedding planning. Often, though, planning in-person meetings is not always easy – especially in the months leading up to the Big Day, with so many other details to finalize. As a result, I’m also willing to “meet” by email and phone.

Do you pass judgments on if people should get married?
No. When couples are in love and truly believe they are meant for each other, then it is their choice to get married. I do not impose arbitrary requirements or pass judgments.

What do your prices include?
Prices include customization of the wedding ceremony, guidance and assistance with planning the wedding ceremony, and in most cases (unless prohibited by distance) at least one in-person meeting and as many telephone or email discussions as you need to be comfortable with the wedding ceremony plans.

How early do you arrive for a ceremony?
I arrive roughly 45 minutes early for the Classic and Premium wedding ceremonies. Less than 30 minutes prior for the Essential and Short and Sweet wedding ceremonies.

Are you available on short notice for weddings?
Yes. Most weddings are well planned in advance, but I can be available on short notice, if necessary, providing I am available. I have officiated weddings with one hour notice, but that is unusual. Please reserve your wedding date and time soon.

What areas of Northern IL do you primarily serve?
I primarily serve Dupage, Kane, and DeKalb Counties, and surrounding areas, or, Chicago’s Western Suburbs. I also travel to other areas in N. IL.

Is premarital counseling required?
No, I do not offer counseling, nor is it counseling required.

Do I have control over what is said in my ceremony?
Absolutely. You have full control over what is said in your ceremony. You may be as involved as you want in the creation of the ceremony, or you may merely approve suggestions developed by me.

Do I need to follow wedding rules?
There are no set rules. It is your wedding, so you do as you choose.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony this past Saturday! It was exactly what we wanted! Sorry that it got a little hectic there at the beginning, but you got us through it. You have been so great to work with, and I will be so happy to recommend you to others!  

Again, thank you so so so much!

Amanda & Derrick

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